Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Message - A By Savvy and Steel Step-By-Step Adventure

One thing I like about By Savvy and Steel is the variety of adventures you can have. With the new area movement system (you can go through more than one area because Edenstein is a small country) it allows for more chances to have encounters inside each adventure. This is called the Message.

All I know at the beginning of the adventure is my party must travel from one end of the country to the other.  I have no idea if I will run into friends, enemies, how many of them or what encounters I will have. And that's one of the things that makes By Savvy and Steel interesting.

"Arthur my boy, with all the attention drawn to you by this Miss Von Helm, maybe a trip would do you good." The Cardinal stopped to smell the rose offered from the bush. "I had a visit from the Ambassador of Bavaria yesterday. Such a rude little fellow, interrupting my vacation."

"I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused, your Eminence,"  Arthur replied. "A trip?"

As the Cardinal and Arthur walked along the Rose Garden, the Cardinal explained. His Eminence had need of a message to be delivered to an old acquaintance in Edenstein Northern. His usual courier was not available. Perhaps if Arthur could do the Cardinal this small favor he would return a favor to Arthur in kind.

"Well my son," asked the Cardinal. "While you were away I could tell the Ambassador that you have been dealt with and satisfaction provided. And Miss Von Helm could return to M√ľnchen
And that's how Arthur, Carl and Dion found themselves on horseback riding east through Edenstein. The trio start in Edenstein West Coast at the vacation home of the Cardinal. They must travel from there to Edenstein Western, Edenstein Central (the Capital) and into Edenstein Northern. Once there they must deliver the message and return with the reply. All together a round trip of six Areas taking one month. In By Savvy and Steel you can choose to move through as many Areas as you like as long as you roll for an Involuntary Encounter as you enter a new Area.
Arthur, Carl and Dion head out, the message from the Cardinal secured.

Start of the Month

2d6 are rolled for an Involuntary Encounter. "6" - no Involuntary Encounter.

Edenstein West Coast to Edenstein Western

2d6 are rolled for an Involuntary Encounter. Again a "6" - no Involuntary Encounter.

Edenstein Western to Edenstein Central

2d6 are rolled for an Involuntary Encounter. "8" -  Involuntary Encounter - Robbery.

Edenstein Central - An Involuntary Encounter - Robbery!


  1. Very nice. The dice gods were on their side today!

  2. Yeh! Funny really, life can be just like that sometimes.....
    I've tried may times, sometimes in vain, to convince damn obstinate wargaming rules lawyers of that fact too!

    Nice one Ed

    Oh! by the way, I prefer not to use the term 'dice', but 'random number generators' instead, it has a nice ring to it, don't yer fink!
    ; )