Tuesday 17 September 2013

Fire! Dueling with PISTOLS for By Savvy and Steel! AAR - Conclusion

Part One

One thing I like about By Savvy and Steel, the upcoming 17th Century Adventure game is the stories that can be made from it. In By Savvy and Steel we cover dueling with swords and it uses very interactive and exciting mechanics. But with the invention of the flintlock pistol, dueling was changed.
Dueling with swords has been pretty well covered in By Savvy and Steel. But what about dueling with pistols? That’s what Fire is all about. Fire is a supplement for use with By Savvy and Steel without having to generate new Stats and Attributes. Instead we only use Rep and the Attributes that apply have been brought in from By Savvy and Steel.
Dueling with pistols follows a strict set of rules and will be very quick. Duels can only end in an apology or one or both of the duelists have received severe wounds stopping them from continuing the duel. In either case honor has been satisfied. Now let’s get continue with our story.

All those involved arrived at the appointed place, a clearing in the woods, at the appointed time. As Carl and Hugo loaded the pistols Matilda glared at Arthur. He realized that no apology, even if it was coming, and it wasn't, would be enough to satisfy her. Besides, the Rogue had shot first.
“Remember what I told you,” Dion said. “Arm straight, take a deep breath and …”
“Suck in my belly. “ Arthur replied with a smile. “Yes, yes, I remember it all. Thank you my friend.”
“Thank me with a drink after this, “Dion said, slapping Arthur on the shoulder.
“I hope so,” Arthur thought to himself. He wondered what would happen if he lost. Dion and Carl had also testified in court. No, he shook his head, it ends here; it ends now.”
“Ready, Mr. Brown?” the swordsman asked.
Arthur nodded and the two paced off the distance. Hugo would signal the first shot. As the two stared at each other, at the ready, Hugo held the handkerchief up high. After a slight hesitation he let the handkerchief fall from his hands. Two shots rang out.
I’ll go into how the duel works, step by step. Note that you do not have to use minis in a pistol duel, but is visually cooler. After the duelists have paced off the distance both take the Composure Test. As the Swordsman is a professional he has Nerves of Steel and rolls 3d6 versus Rep. He passes, as expected, while Arthur rolls 2d6 and passes, but just barely.  Both men are unshaken (shaky counts as a penalty on the First Shot Test.
Both men now take the First Shot Test. Who will get off the first shot? Dice are rolled and Arthur fires first!
Arthur rolls on the Fire Table and scores a hit. Hit location and damage is rolled. The Swordsman coat puffs as the ball grazes his back. The Swordsman takes the Continue On test and passes. The Swordsman smiles and Arthur realizes he hasn't yet shot.
The swordsman returns fire and rolls on the Fire Table. Arthur sees the puff of smoke and feels a sting of pain as the ball grazes his thigh. Arthur rolls on the Continue On table and they go to the next shot.

“Apologize, “Dion says.” Honor had been served.”
“No,” replies Arthur. “Besides she wouldn't accept it I’d wager.” Arthur smiles at Matilda who sneers back. After a small break to eat cheese and sip wine, the duelists prepare for the second shot.
The second shot is similar to the first shot. Composure Test. Second Shot Tests to see who fires first.
Both have been grazed so have a -1 to Rep penalty but both keep their composure.
Rolling on the Second Shot Test the Swordsman fires first but just barely and Arthur fires with a -1 penalty.

Rolling on the Fire Table the Swordsman grazes Arthur on the arm. Arthur fires; the Swordsman crumples to the ground, a serious wound to the head. The duel is over.

Fun little game with lots of tension as it can be over so quickly with one shot.And don't get me started on misfires. When the pistol misfires, no ball is discharged,but it still counts as a shot. 
No do overs!

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