Saturday 28 September 2013

The Message - Part 2

Part One

Edenstein Central to Edenstein Northern

2d6 are rolled for an Involuntary Encounter.  "9" - no Involuntary Encounter.

Arrive at the destination.
"I thought New Market was a small town," Arthur said as the trio made their way through the street. "Seems pretty crowded."

"It is," replied Dion." Except for one week out of the year when the New Market Round is held. It's this week."

The New Market Round was a three mile horse race run once a year for the past twenty years. It was a Royal Race, much favored by the King, and attracted large numbers of people. And with large numbers of people come large numbers of unsavory characters.

"Shouldn't we deliver the message as we were told?", Carl asked.

"We will," replied Arthur. "Three days on a horse builds an appetite..."

"You mean a thirst," Dion said. "Follow me, I know just the place."


Yes, I know, I probably should have went directly to the house where the message is to be delivered... but what the heck, it's off to the Bawdy House to see how it works. Here's a map of where it's located and how we got there.

Our heroes are in  blue. Here are the PEFs laid out at the start. In this scenario three new PEFs will be laid out after our heroes leave the Bawdy House (#35).

Our heroes move as do the PEFs. PEF resolution is different in Savvy & Steel as the PEFs must be in the same section to be resolved. Notice how the sections of the table conform to the streets and alleys and are not equal in size.

One PEF is resolved when the trio reach 7th Street but it's only an increase in the Area Activity Level. New Market is usually a 2 but with the Round it is a 4. Now a 5. The trio enter the Bawdy House.
"Dion! Long time no see," the barkeep says."Here for the Round? Here's drinks for you and your friends!"

(Defining Moment was Barkeep and Opposed Challenge result "Swept off its feet!" Barkeep is a friend and gives Favor (free drinks). So figure might as well go for another Challenge. Ask if he knows anything about the person they must contact with the message.)

"I've not seen myself but I've heard stories,"  the barkeep replies. "She has ties with influential people."

"But she isn't that old, is she?" 

The barkeep just smiled, "No she's not. But trust the stories, she has influence an best not to question from where."
I had decided to split the Bawdy House into three Defining Moments before I entered. The second Defining Moment went well I encountered a "companion" and a positive Challenge out Dion out of action for the remainder of the encounter as he disappeared upstairs.

The third Defining Moment didn't go so well. It was a group of soldiers and the Challenge resulted in them giving our heroes the Cold Shoulder.  This meant if Arthur ran into soldiers again during their stay in New Market there was a chance (1) that it would be the same group of soldiers and Arthur would count a -1 successes on any future Challenge with them. This gave me a bit of concern and here's why.

From the upcoming free New Market Round scenario for BS&S.

We Suggest...
The actual race is run on the Saturday but the festivities begin on the Monday before. We suggest that players decide which day they wish to arrive and start having Encounters.  During this week players can choose to have a Voluntary Encounter every day. Involuntary Encounters can also happen every day so you will have an eventful time.
The Area Activity Level starts at 2 on Monday and increases one point per day until maxing out at 5 on Thursday. The following Monday it reverts back to 2. 

I had decided that the boys had arrived on Thursday. This meant four possible Involuntary Encounters if they stood for the race. And I wanted to stay ...

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