Friday 25 January 2013

"You say you want a revolution." Part Two

Part One

As the Rebel convoy is intercepted a small Hishen Task Force has a rude awakening. The Hishen commanders go into action!

 Sir! Star Navy blinking in at close range!

What? That's impossible! Sound the alarm. All ships engage! Launch fighters!

This is a companion battle in the Rebellion Campaign where the first part was a Convoy Mission. This is an Attack Mission where Star Navy forces intercept Hishen forces. Or should I say bumped into Hishen forces. The results of the Long Range Scan, the mechanic used to deploy ships in battle, resulted in the forces starting 24" apart. This is fighter range and close to 12" missile range.

The Hishen force had one Class 6 Planetary Conquest Ship, one Class 5 Mother Ship (Fast Attack Carrier),  two Class 4 Overseer Heavy Cruisers and three Class 3 Monitor Missile Boats.

Facing them was one Class 6 Dreadnought, one Class 5 Fast Attack Carrier, two Class 4 Heavy Cruisers, one Class 4 Light Cruiser, two Class 3 Destroyers and four Class 3 PDF Destroyers.

Being at such a close range to the Class 6 ships was a death sentence for the carriers. If they were lucky they could launch one or two flights of fighters before being incapacitated or worse. Here's a high picture, low words AAR.

Hishen forces react swiftly, launching fighters as the bigger ships open fire with their guns.

 The fighters attack the destroyers but the AA batteries from the larger ships shoot down three of the four squadrons. But one PDF destroyer is destroyed by the bombing runs of the last squadron. On the other end of the line a Star Navy destroyer explodes, hit by gunfire.
Aboard the Star Navy carrier the damage is massive as the Hishen Class 6 scores numerous direct hits. 

Realizing that this may his only chance, the carrier commander launches three fighter squadrons, as the dreadnought and heavy cruisers begin to lock in their gunfire.

 Gunfire from the heavy cruisers take out two of the Hishen small ships while the dreadnought slams the carrier with gunfire. The subsequent explosions rock the Hishen fleet, one heavy cruiser breaking off, its commander signing his own death warrant. 

 The Hishen admiral has a decision to make. Flee while it is still possible or continue the fight.
Fight on! he shouts as he directs fire onto the now crippled Star Navy Carrier. The forces are now at missile range and the last Hishen Monitor fires two missiles and  another PDF destroyer explodes.

 Down goes the second Star Navy destroyer their crew unable to jettison before it explodes. The Star Navy carrier, it's crew abandoning as fast as possible, finally explodes. Undaunted the remaining ships continue their fire.

Meanwhile the three fighter squadrons go into their attack run on the Hishen Flagship. Two are driven away but the last delivers a 5 hull hit, rocking the ship. More Hishen ships explode but they continue to fire.

Casualties and damage on the Star Navy fleet is mounting but the tide is turning.

The Hishen admiral gives the order, Retire immediately! and the remaining two ships break off.

Casualties are as follows:
1 Hishen Class 5
3 Hishen Class 3

In addition 1 Hishen Class 4 broke off before the end of the battle.

1 Star Navy Class 5
2 Star Navy Class 3
2 PDF Class 3
In addition 1 PDF Class 3 broke off before the end of the battle.

Although the Hishen force broke off and left the sector, they gave as good as they got.  Being outnumbered 11 to 7 they gave a good accounting of themselves.

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