Saturday 5 January 2013

The Adventures of Sir Tenley Dewmed

The story so far...

Sir Tenley Dewmed is a veteran of many battles . Recently he was drafted into service by the Eskelin General Pereira  who currently leads the Mirish Army. Tenley was present at the victories over North Tropilium , The Dark Elves , and others, serving with glory in the Mirish Cataphract units, the closest thing to knights that the eastern thinking Mirish have.

Sir Tenley has served with Pereira in previous wars all over Talomir from Eskelin to Stygustan. His bravery, and being one of the few real knights in Mirish, was rewarded with entry into the Winter Carnival held in Treyine. Having fought in the lists bravely Sir Tenley reached the semi-finals of the Jousting Tournament only to lose to the eventual champion, Sir Robin.

After the tournament his reward was a summons before the Mirish Emperor whom he represented. An anonymous tip  showed Sir Tenley the wisdom of ignoring the summons and leaving as fast as possible. Altengard was suggested  as a good place to go to as it was in the opposite direction of Mirish. Sir Tenley's Squire, "Flash"Guido, has suggested going farther east to his homeland of Capalan.

And that's where this story begins, somewhere on the Treyine and Altengard border.
I set the table up with a river along sections 7,8 and 9. Three PEFs were placed, 2 in section 6 and 1 in section 4. This was done after Tenley and Guido entered the table through section 8. The first move saw the duo move down into section 5 while the PEFs didn't move. The PEFs are always placed with terrain blocking LOS if possible. Although all PEFs were in an adjacent section they were inside woods so could not be seen.

As recommended in Warrior Heroes - Legends (page 75) loaded up my PEFs. This saves time during the game and can help to guide the story in the direction you want. I decided that Tenley wouldn't go back to Mirish to be beheaded by the Mad Emperor and also decided that General Pereria, the general in the employ of Mirish wouldn't stand by while Tenley was executed. So to drive this forward I loaded up one PEF with some Black Company soldiers. The other two would be common brigands hired by the agents of Mirish to capture and return Tenley home. As a twist I used one figure with a horn. If he was on the table he could blow his horn summoning the second gang of brigands to the spot. Any additonal PEFs generated if "doubles" are rolled for activation would be resolved as more brigands.  I

The PEF's moved. The closest one moving first exited the woods and came into sight. It was resolved as brigands. In Sights were taken, using the Rep of Sir Tenley and the brigands leader. Tenley scored better so could act first. Guido fired his bow and OD'ed the closest brigand, a brute with a two hand axe, but, alas, no shield. Sir Tenley charged.

In the melee Sir Tenley killed the brigand leader outright allowing him to continue his charge into another enemy of the same group. He attacked the closest brigand and actually lost by 1. But his armor, AC 6, reduced that Impact to "0", and an evenly matched result. The brigands could now move and the remaining sod attacked Tenley while he was occupied.

Again a brigand scores a hit but the AC6 saves Tenley from harm. Returning to the original fight Tenley skewers the brigand. Being a swordsman he rolls twice for damage, keeping the best result, Obviously Dead. This ends the In Sight actions so Reaction Tests are taken. The remaining brignad loses heart and runs away.
Back to PEF movement. The next one only raises the Encounter Rating by 1 to a current ER of 4.
The next PEF moves and exits the woods into LOS of Guido and Tenley. There's a 50/50 chance of brigands as I had loaded the PEFs. but luck is with Tenley and it's the Black Company soldiers.

As the Black Company moves into contact with Sir Tenley Guido loots the bodies gaining 3 Gold Talos and 2 units of Food. All the PEFs have been resolved but double "2"s are rolled for activation and another PEF is generated, placed randomly in section 3. Activation is rolled and Tenely moves first. I decide to head for the river, after all that's the goal of my Encounter. The PEF moves as well and comes into sight. It's resolved as 8 Brigands. This was done by rolling 1/2d6 and adjusting the score based on the party. They are too far to cause an In Sight but the next turn will tell.

Sir Tenley activates first the next two turns, reaches the ferry and starts across the river. Luckily none of the brigands are armed with missile weapons.
So ends the first adventure of Sir Tenley and Guido. It's nice that I can use various THW rules with the same characters.  Tenley started as a knight in Rally Round the King (fought in three big battles), then appeared in Joust and is now moving into Warrior Heroes - Legends. For me that's perfect as it's all about the story in my games.

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  1. I like it. My whole conception for the Talomir Tales campaign was to have it dovetail with a planned WHAA campaign. I need to retroactively go back and play it out to get to the current timeline.