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Deep in the Goblin Lair - WHL AAR

"They kidnapped my sister, I'm going and that's it," Greta yelled. "And I'm leaving now. Are you going or not?"
Guntar shook his head. "We should wait for help, the three of us are  not enough to go into that place".
"Then we'll go without you," Helm replied." I've seen what Goblins can do and I'm going with her...now."
The female Warrior and the Healer began to leave.
"I'll go," replied Guntar. "But I think it's a mistake."
This is a AAR for Warrior Heroes - Legends concentrating on the Dungeon rules. I'll cover the storyline and the mechanics, hopefully in a brief but informative way.
The three adventurers are from Mirholme. There's two Warriors, Greta and Guntar and a Healer, Helm. All are Rep 4 and Grunts. The Big Bad, the owner of the Dungeon is Granlok, a Rep 4 Black Moon Goblin.
This was a Dungeon Encounter. Greta's sister had been kidnapped in a raid so the goal was to rescue her and gain some treasure for the trouble. To do so the adventurers must reach the Treasure Room, the last card in the Dungeon Deck.
Down and down the dungeon went. When they first entered the Dungeon the drop was deep down to a third level. After fifteen minutes they were on a the sixth level and had not met anything.
"This is too deep for Goblins," Guntar said.
"Maybe it belonged to something else before but it's Goblins now. Look!"
The two Goblins attacked from the shadows, winning the In Sight. The archer fired and missed while the other Gobbo charged. But Rep 3s in AC 2 were no match for Rep 4s and AC 4. The party searched the bodies and found 3 Gold Talos and 1 Food.
After a short time the party was confronted by six Gobbos. Granlock led the charge as the archer fired...and missed. Granlock and another Gobbo were locked in melee with Greta and Guntar but Helm was a Goblin slayer, splitting the skull of one of the foul creatures with his iron reinforced oaken staff.

 The melee lasted two turns and the Goblins ran away. Two Goblins died but at a great price. Greta the Shield Maiden was dead, killed by a blow from Granlock. The two adventurers took the Man Down Test and decided to go on. They had joined Greta in her quest and would not stop until it was done. They went deeper into the Dungeon.

Guntar carried Greta's body as they headed deeper into the Dungeon. They were now on the eighth level, deeper than any man had gone before. Then they heard them. Granlok was back with  more Goblins.

The battle lasted three turns. Granlok paid the ultimate price, struck down by Helm. As three of the Gobbos ran away the adventurers pursued, slaying two more. There were only two cards left in the Dungeon Deck.

Guntar rounded the corner and saw her. Helga, Greta's sister and many wooden chests. As Helm went to untie Helga Guntar began to bust open the chests. Then the roof began to crumble...
The last card drawn matched the Encounter Rating of the Dungeon signifying a Random Event. 2d6 roll and it was the ceiling beginning to collapse. Being eight levels below ground meant almost a guaranteed death. Helm was hit and went Out of the Fight while Helga miraculously was untouched.,
Guntar was crushed to death.
Luckily the exit wasn't collapsed but Helga was in dire straights with Helm being OOF.  I decided to have her end the Encounter so Helm could take the After the Battle Recovery Test. He recovered.

 When you decide to leave the Dungeon you have to go back to the surface. Movement is from card to card and each time you enter a card you draw another to see if you have run into anything.
The Ghoul charged from the shadows at Helga. The combat was brief with the Ghoul going down and Helm finishing it off.
Helga recovered a magical sword allowing the user to add 1 success in melee. That saved her in the first round and was the difference in the second stunning the Ghoul. Helm applied the killing blow.

Epilogue - Helm and Helga made it back with only one Orc blocking the way. Again the magical sword helped, saving Helga once by causing an Evenly Matched result. The final results were Helga and Helm gaining 12 Gold Talos and the magic sword.
Greta and Guntar died and many enemies were slain.
I kept the layout of the Dungeon for future use.
Helga increased in Rep to 5.


  1. The playing card dungeon generator looks like a neat idea. Thanks for sharing Ed.

    Ron aka LLC

  2. This method would probably work for creating sci-fi dungeons in "giant abandoned spaceship wrecks floating through the void" (hmm, there must be a shorter name)too, right?

    Anyway, I like fantasy, SF, everthing...and WHL is #1 on my wargames wishlist.

    Whiteface / Oliver


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