Wednesday 21 November 2012

Step by Step WHL - Part Two

Part One  

The small band of Goblin Brigands were on the trail of the Healer. They had been raiding the Mirholme countryside for the past months and now it was getting colder and almost time to head east. They had picked up the trail a few hours ago and were hurrying to catch him before he could reach the safety of the next village. They caught up to him...right after the Feral Vampires had killed him.

The second PEF was resolved as a  band of four Goblins.  Eveleen acted as the group Leader for the Vampires as Angus had his back turned. Rolling In Sight the Feral Vampires went first. This was important  because in WHL In Sights are handled by the group and in a specific order. First would be missile fire. But since the Goblins didn't go first the archer had to wait to fire.

  The Vampires charged! Both sides took the Charge into Melee Test and the melee was on.

Below the two Feral Vampires square off with the Goblins.

Angus scores more successes...

And scores a kill. Meanwhile...

Eveleen scores more successes as well.

Stunning the Goblin Leader. This ends the Vampire portion of the In Sight actions.

The Goblins now act and the archer fires at Eveleen but misses. As this is part of the In Sight process no Reaction Tests are taken.  The remaining Goblin charges Angus.

But is butchered with an Obviously Dead result. This ends the Goblin side of the In Sight and necessary Reaction Tests are taken.
Eveleen takes the Received Fire Test from the Goblin and passes 2d6. She is in charge reach so charges. But as the In Sight is complete figures in a melee can attack other figures in the original target group without another Charge into Melee test being necessary. But the Goblin archer took the Man Down test and passed 0d6 resulting in him running away. End of the fight.

As the final Goblin runs for it the Vampires finish their active move, killing the stunned Goblin.

But the third PEF had yet to activate and it now does. Moving into sight it is resolved as a Mirholme Princess. A real BA Princess with a Rep of 6!

I had loaded the PEFs at the start of the game. I had rolled up six different possible PEF results using the tables found in WHL. In WHL we concentrate on the following four nations, Altengard, Capalan, Mirholme and Tereken. Each nation has their own table of possible creatures that can be met when in the nation. I used the Mirholme table to load the PEFs saving much time during the actual game.

Look for the third installment later this week.


  1. Ed - When you wrote"The Goblins now act and the archer fires at Eveleen but misses. As this is part of the In Sight process no Reaction Tests are taken. The remaining Goblin charges Angus." does that mean there is no received fire check? Was the received fire check removed?

  2. Reaction tests are not taken during the In Sight.
    1 - In Sights are rolled by each group leader. Leader that scores the highest has its group go first.
    2 - That group fires missiles at same time.
    3 - That group charges at same time.
    4 - Melees fought.
    5 - Other group fires missiles at same time.
    6 - Other group charges.
    7 - Melees fought.
    8 - in Sight is over and all figures taken Reaction Tests
    9 - Then the game continues normally with active side moving, etc.

    One big difference is Charge into Melee Table. As this is a melee based game figures are not afraid to enter melee. So if the target of the charge scores more successes it charges.

    Example - Soldier wins In Sight and wants to charge the Warrior. Charge into Melee is taken. Warrior scores more successes and moves into contact.

    Once you get the hang of the tweaked mechanics the game flies. The two Encounters with the Healer and Goblins took 15 minutes to play. The next Encounter with Bren (coming up) took 10.