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Today's post takes a third view of the Outlaws on a Balcony theme.  This time we look at the incident in the context of an Encounter generated by the Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory rule book.

This encounter is called Gunfight 2 (GF2) and represents an unexpected fight between two groups of figures. Either the posse and outlaws have been having a "conversation" and have reached an impasse, or neither side was prepared for the appearance of the other.

Nerves are taut as each man goes for his gun!

As this is a full encounter the first thing I needed to do was to see was where the fight would take place. Rather than rolling for it I decided to have it take place on our friendly local balcony.

Next up was to determine who and how many were on each side. This was also easy. Our two outlaw friends would square off against our posse. As for how many...well the rules would max out the posse at four characters in this case and so I gave Mudslide Sam the day off.

Next was to determine how many saddled horses were about. El Indio wisely had his mount saddled and right out front. The posse had their mounts saddled and in the livery. Poor Nino had his mount unsaddled and in the livery.

There were an additional five saddled horses at the  buildings adjacent to the fight.

I n this sort of show down the first thing to do is to check everyone's nerve by rolling 2d6 versus their Sand.

As it happened every man jack of them Flinched, which essentially canceled this handicap out and all started on nearly equal footing. Nearly equal because when it came time for the draw, El Indio, Unca Bob, and Ling Ho were penalized for carrying long arms.  Nino and El Indio were also penalized for being outnumbered.

The Draw broke down to El Indio versus Unca Bob and The Captain, while Nino faced down Ling Ho and the Swede. Dice equal to Rep plus or minus modifiers were rolled and successes tallied as below. Note that here the dice simply show the number of successes and not the actual dice rolls for the test.

The Captain with four successes scored the highest and as he had scored 3 more successes than El Indio, the Captain got the drop on the outlaw chief. El Indio took a Got the Drop test and in a surprisingly cool headed fashion lowered his weapon and surrendered peaceably.

This left Unca Bob devoid of an opponent and he relaxed accordingly. 

Nino on the other hand scored two more successes than both of his opponents ans shot them both dead! The big man emptied his revolver in the process.

So ended turn 1.

Activation for turn two was a tie so Nino managed to reload before the action continued.

The lawmen got the edge on turn three and both the Captain and Unca Bob fired at Nino.

Nino suffered a total of three hits to his gun arm and dropped out of the fight.

The shooting was over and it was time to move on to the aftermath.

Both outlaws had to undergo the Captured test with a negative modifier for having killed Ling Ho and the Swede.

El Indio was shot while trying to escape.

Nino was taken into custody for trial.

Before Nino could be tried he needed his wounds seen to. Unfortunately for him the town doc had a skill rating of 3.

Nino's gun arm was amputated.

Nino's trial was a short one and the one armed bandit was sentenced to 3 seasons (9 months) in jail. Guess he had a good lawyer or his boyish charm won him some sympathy.

And there you have it, a full encounter from Six Gun Sound.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by.


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