Tuesday, 15 May 2012

After the Horsemen - What is it?

After the Horsemen is a human-centric game. There won't be any horror, aliens, big worms, zombies, etc. Why?
Because I don't want people to pay for what they may not want to use. So for those that want all that and more in their own PA world don't despair. I'll be doing some free supplements (free?...yep) that can be used with ATH to give those that want it the chance to use it without any extra cost. ATH is your jumping off point.
Here's the Epilogue to ATH that kind of explains things.

"Were you going to say goodbye?"

Jessup zippered the bag shut and replied "Of course I was."

Oma didn’t want her last memories of her grandson to be bad ones. Her son had taught her as much.
"When you're finished meet be at the "Big I". " she said. "I'll tell you about your father."

They called it the "Big I" (1) before the end and they'd call it the "Big I" until the end. Not the predicted end of days, they had survived that, but the real end of days whenever that actually happens. Jessup could see Oma's SUV and made his way over to it. She was putting out a cigarette as he walked up to her. 

"Those things will kill you one day Oma" Jessup said.

Oma just laughed and shook her head.
"I know you think you're in a hurry but give your Oma a few minutes before you go. This is the "Big I"," she said with a casual sweep of the hand. "From here you can go anywhere or nowhere."

"Head east and you'll find Zombies. No, they aren’t just stories we use to scare bratty kids with, Lord knows that you've heard the stories enough. If you go that way just remember, shoot them in the head."

" Go north up I-25 and that's the land of UFOs aliens, whatever you want to call them. Some said they came from another planet, some said they were old Government experiments gone wrong." 

"Take I-40 west and you'll hit the coast. The Pacific Ocean, more water than you could ever dream of. That's where the darkness lies. Vampires, werewolves, witches and worse live there. Yep, when the end came many thought they were the salvation. Some idiots still serve them."

"And then there's south. Go south down I-25 towards Mexico. It's too hot for the Zombies and too bright for the night creatures. But it may be the most dangerous of them all. It's where the humans went."

Oma pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Taking a deep drag she began to cough and smiled. "Yes, I know, these will kill me some day. Come give your Oma a hug and say goodbye."

Jessup hugged his Oma not wanting to let go, said goodbye and turned to leave. Then he stopped. Oma started to chuckle.

"Just like your father. Couldn’t wait to get out of here but didn’t spend time thinking about which way to go! So what's it going to be boy?"

As Jessup pondered his decision the old woman drew a large "X" in the dirt. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out an old silver dollar.

"Here," she said. "Stand on the center of the "X" and toss the coin. It'll tell you which way to go…it told your father."

Jessup smiled and took the coin. Standing in the center he flipped it high up into the air…


 (1) The "Big I" is the intersection of Interstate highways 25 and 40 in Albuquerque New Mexico.


  1. Free!?! I would have bought them anyways...

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    1. Sorry, I didn't see an edit function. Anyhow, thanks for the explination Ed but I'll be holding off until the suppliments are ready. I'm set for PA gaming in general, but what I really want are the supernatural rules that I can bring back to present day. I really want to have Sam and Dean roll on to the table and start blasting ghosts, vampires and wearwolves.