Saturday 7 April 2012

Chapter 7 - Thomas and the War Party - Long Rifle AAR

War Party

“Five, maybe six,” Blue Shirt said looking at the tracks. “Looks like their heading towards Miller’s Farm.”
“What are we going to do?”
Blue Shirt looked up at Thomas and replied. “It’s not our fight.”
Thomas turned and headed towards Miller’s Farm without saying a word. Shaking his head Blue Shirt ran to catch up.
“If we’re going to go, then follow me,” he said. “This way is quicker.”
Long Rifle is the black powder immersion game from THW centered on the French and Indian War. In Long Rifle players try and gain Fame and Fortune trapping, scouting, hunting, or soldiering with a small band of men. Think Last of the Mohicans. In Long Rifle there’s a random event scenario called War Party.
Thomas, a first time hunter/trapper has come across this scenario. Having survived a close call with French soldiers where one of his comrades was killed, Thomas and Blue Shirt, his mentor have only two months left during the hunting season when we pick up on the game.
For background on Thomas follow these links:
There are two hunter/trappers.
·        Thomas is Rep 4, Hawkeye and Lucky Bastard Attributes. Armed with musket and tomahawk.
·        Blue Shirt is Rep 5 and Quick to Quit, hence his “not out fight” attitude. Armed with musket and tomahawk.
And four Settlers.
·        James Miller is Rep 4. Armed with musket and knife.
·        Ava Miller is Rep 3. Armed with a pistol. She is trained to act as a dedicated loader.
·        Billy their male child is Rep 2. Unarmed.
·        Richard Brown, Ava’s brother, is Rep 3. Armed with musket and knife.
There are six in the War Party. They are:
·        The Leader Rep 4 trying to make a name for himself.
·        Five Rep 3 Warriors.
The game starts with the Settlers in the cabin with Thomas and Blue Shirt outside on lookout. The table is split into nine equal sections and the war party will enter through section 1, 2 or 3. Which section is that? After setup I roll 1d6 for each table edge. The high score will be sections 1, 2, and 3. In this case it’s to the rear of the cabin behind the orchard.

After the fight James and Richard recover from their wounds. Three of the Indians died including the War Chief. The other three had their weapons taken, were given water and released.   
Thomas didn’t rise in Rep, again, as he had an OOF result even though he used his Star Power, so could not try. The Encounter was a Random Event and the two could go check their traps. They did and added 7 more bundles for a total of 19. It was late September and Thomas felt he should be back in school. But he and Blue Shirt went about pulling their traps. Next month they would head the trading post to sell their bundles and bed down for the winter.

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  1. Good batrep, very atmospheric. I love this series.