Wednesday 11 April 2012

Black Moon Brethren - RSBM AAR

The Black Moon Brethren are an Unholy Order of knights in WHAA. This is the next opponent for the Elf sword mistress. The Brethren is heavily armored, slower to maneuver but can take more damage. The two handed axe is slower to come onto the attack but more devastating if a blow is scored. He is Resolute (guaranteed one success in the Attack, Stout Hearted (+3 Bonus Dice) and a Swordsman (able to roll twice for hit location as a master of weapons).

A good run for the Elf but the lack of armor was her downfall. Overall a nail biter of a match. Armor shows its worth and also justifies its cost!


  1. So we have a new champion...

    The champ is dead, long live the champ!

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