Saturday 6 April 2019

FNG Tour of Duty - Step by Step

 FNG Tour of Duty will be released this month and here's a Step by Step of your 1st Mission - Patrol. But before that let's meet my Star.

It's Pvt. William Pink Rep 3 (I wanted to be a real FNG so went with Rep 3). He has a 12 month Tour of Duty and could have up to 24 Missions , but 18 more likely. I roll for his Squad Leader and fellow Squaddies. With Billy there are currently nine members.

It's 1966 and the US Investment Level is 4. The Enemy is  3. Investment Level is used to generate PEFs - Possible Enemy Forces, the Next Mission you'll have and Reinforcements, if any.

There are 8 easy to use Terrain Maps included in the rules, I'm using number 5 - Wooded Trail. You can set up a table to mirror the map or use the map to move your forces. I chose the later version and if combat occurs I'll use a Battle Board.

I decided to Walk Into the Mission instead of using a Helicopter, which are included in the rules.

 I resolved the first PEF as Main Force Viet Cong, rolled for their Leader, then each Squaddie. I set up minimal terrain on a TV tray and used the counters included in the game. I could have used figures and a detailed terrain filled table, but wanted to play a quick game.

 I choose my Star (Billy Pink) to start as a real FNG - Rep 3. Lucky for me the Squad Leader was randomly rolled as Rep 5.

 I targeted all figures first, then rolled for all shooting,. Next I resolved any damage, and then returned fire as needed.

 After one side resolved it's actions, BOTH sides take the Will to Fight Test.

The fighting went really fast, a great reason to use the Battle Board and counters. If playing on a large table, I would just keep the figures on the table, removing them when they left the fight.
This was the 1st PEF to be resolved.  

Part Two