Sunday 7 April 2019

FNG Tour of Duty - Step by Step - Part Two

Part One

The firefight had ended, but what about the other two Possible Enemy Force (PEF) markers?

 I was using a Terrain Map to mark the force movements, but could easily have been using terrain on the tabletop and figures.

"7" came up when rolling for Activation. The US scored higher so could have had Reinforcements, but failed to get any.

PEF movement is determined by rolling 2d6 versus the PEF Rep of 4. This means they move towards you, away from you or stay in place. Adds to the suspense.

Contact! Time to set up the Battle Board, or in my case I used a TV tray with light terrain.

Firefight over and time to roll for Activation. US goes first and moved into section 7. Next turn, PEFs would have went first if there were any - there were none so US moved off board. Why roll for Activation? Score "doubles" or "7" and the PEFs could arrive as reinforcements.

After the Mission Billy received 4 Increasing Rep d6. One for scoring damage, 3 for the Mission being successful. I rolled them all and score at least one higher than Billy's current Rep so he's now Rep 4.

I roll for the Next Mission and it's quick, go right out in the late part of the same month an Attack Mission.

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