Tuesday 26 March 2019

Tracking the Ships in 5150 Fleet Commander. Got a Pencil and Paper?

 Throw it away! Everything you need to track the ships is included. In the above picture on the left are counters to track damage, then a Faction Sheet telling you what each ship has for stats and to the right is the Fleet Tracker. As you lose ships move a counter on the row and when you hit the red squares, you're in trouble - 50% casualties and your Will to Fight is dropping fast.

 Ship takes hull damage? Track it with the counters. Stuck in Damage Control and forfeiting your next turn of action? Place a yellow Blast Marker next to the ship, remove it when next active. Easy to track, no paper and pencil required! No roster to check during the fight.  

Here's a pic of a dozen ships fighting using the Star Wars Fighters. You can use any ships to play, I just counted them as Class 4 Cruisers. Play it with counters or any models you already have, you choose. Heck you can even use these!


  1. I can attest to these https://www.amazon.com/Toy-Space-Cruisers-12-Pack/dp/B00362RWOG/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3HM096GU2BR89&keywords=plastic+spaceships&qid=1553704270&s=gateway&sprefix=plastic+space%2Caps%2C270&sr=8-3 being nice quality ships. I have painted up a few. There is a little flash around the center of the ships that can easily be filed away. Might have to pick this title up now that I realized you can use small ships!

  2. and in the UK EM4 Miniatures do these babies - https://em4miniatures.com/collections/science-fiction-near-future-miniatures/products/spacecraft - £3.10 for 12 plastic minis including flying bases...