Thursday, 7 March 2019

Warrior Heroes: New Warring Fleets Bat Rep!

Here's a Bat Rep for the upcoming Warrior Heroes: Warring Fleets.
 Kurinthian raiders have been causing lots of trouble for the Governor of south Eskelin. He has decided to dispatch a small fleet of 4 ships to "teach them a lesson." He has sent 1 Great Ship (size 6), 2 Warships (size 4) and 1 small Raider (size 2) under Duke Rodriguez a Rep 5 Fleet Commander.

The Kurinthians have sent out 6 Raiders (size 2) under the leadership of a Rep 4 Chieftain. The ships meet off the coast of upper Kurinthia and the battle is joined.
The game revolves around how well you command your fleet, not each individual ship. 
These are controlled by the game mechanics being Ship Size, Crew Rep, Hull points and Firepower  points. Firepower can reflect archery (as the Kurinthians have), Artillery (Eskelin ships) or Engines - large ballistae/catapults.
The fight starts with seeing who has the Advantage, who saw who first.

 Side with the Advantage acts first, then the other side.

 When both sides have finished, the Will to Fight Test is taken; will the sides continue to fight.

 Boarding represents casualties and a reduction in the desire to keep fighting.
The table is divided into three sections and each side sets up with one empty side between them. Movement is one section at a time, remember you are the Fleet Commander, not a ship's Captain. Artillery and engines fire two out sections, archery (missile fire)only one.

More to come. Like all THW games, playable with minis or counters.


  1. What is the time period of this game?

    1. Set in the fantasy genre but will cover historical games from about 500 BS (Salamis) to about the 1600's (Spanish Armada).

    2. Awesome! Thanks for the info.

  2. I wonder if these rules could be used as the base for ancient and medieval battles between land armies?

  3. Exactly. Instead of ships, units of infantry cavalry etc. It just seems to me that the rules, with some modification of course, would be applicable and fun for land battles!

    1. Well, they are based off of For King and Country an upcoming set of rules exactly for that.


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