Tuesday 18 September 2018

The Big I - All Things Zombie Hits Albuquerque - Part One

Albuquerque New Mexico, home of the Big I. *

“Go West, young man.” You’ve probably heard it before, but you feel it applies even more so today. The whole East Coast is Zombie land, and not like the cool movie. You took off a few weeks ago, mostly walking, but riding whenever you could find that rare vehicle that’d stop for you. And then it always ran out of gas.

Now you’ve come into Albuquerque on Interstate 40. Weathers’ nice, not too crowded from what you can tell, looking down from the Sandia Mountains. The tram’s not working any more so it’ll be a bit to get down into the city. You wait until daylight and off you go.

 *Where I-40 and I-25 meet.

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