Saturday 29 September 2018

The Big I - #2 Chillin'

Spence and Bee successfully interacted with another Survivor and told them about a club off of Academy near the old Starbucks and Whole Foods. The old Sushi place. Anyway, there would be only 3 PEFs to be resolved. I decided I'd use the Night Club Battle Board. It's not included in The Big I, but is one of the Boards that can be purchased. What's nice about them is they can also be used with 5150: No Limits, our Sci Fi rules, as well.

In ATZ - Evolution you roll to see what you have met. I decided that I would place the Characters in the club based on the numbers that could be generated by the scenario. This gave me three Militia, two Survivors and a Sheeple. I placed them in a logical way - bartender and other Characters about the club.

As Spence and Bee could only resolve 3 PEFs I would have to pick and choose who to deal with. First I went with the bartender.
FYI - I use Power Point for my games when I don't want to use minis.
Take the images of the counters and wash out the back.
Use the Battle Boards as images, pulling them from the PDF.

Another thing you can do with Character generation with ATZ - Evo. Instead of using the quicker way of generating Characters, going down the List from top to bottom, you can roll for them using the same List. I did  and scored a "5".  The bartender was Rep 4 People 3 Savvy 2. Here was a good opportunity to interact!

Well, being consistent, bad luck Spence passed 1d6 and the bartender passed 2d6. Interacting with Militia and passing less d6 means the bartender wants Spence and Bee to turn over their weapons. In this situation, I figured that was club policy and they would get their weapons back when they left. Taking it a step farther, I decided all NPCs in the club would be unarmed as well.

Well that left the Militia in the corner, a Sheeple and two Survivors. I decided to resolve the Survivors, but Bee would do the talking. The two took their drinks and sat at the table next to them.
One was a Rep 4 People 4 Savvy 3 and the other Rep 3 People 2 and Savvy 3. The Rep 4, as it has the higher Rep, is the Leader. Bee passed 1d6 and so did the Survivor so he pretty much ignored Bee. Two PEFs down and one to go.

This is where I decided to use the rules as they were intended to be used, and my guess, often not used. Spence would do some gambling while Bee would interact with the Sheeple. There were 5 potential NPCs to gamble with so I rolled to see how many would gamble and scored a 4. Including Spence there'd be five gamblers. My plan for Bee went south, what's new, as the Sheeple wanted to play. As gambling is done versus Savvy, this could be fun for Spence as he has a Savvy of 5.

 Rolling for the players I generated.

Survivor  Rep 4 Savvy 3.
Sheeple Rep 3 Savvy 3
Militia Leader Rep 5 Savvy 4
Militia Grunt Rep 4 Savvy 4

But before I play the game, something fell into my lap. The other Survivor Rep 3 People 2 was now alone across from Bee. 3rd PEF and time to interact!
1st round - Bee passes 1d6, the Survivor 0d6. Bee gains 1 Increasing Rep d6. This also let's Bee attempt to Further Interaction.
Bee passes 2d6, Survivor 1d6 - Success. Bee gains a 2nd Increasing Rep d6. Now how successful was Bee? I roll 1d6 and score a 5. The NPC Survivor agrees to be recruited!
I figure I'll stop here as this post has been pretty long. So far no one's been punched or shot, but it's been a great game as it is developing the Story. I couldn't have foreseen this at all and I'm liking it. Part  Two coming up in the next day or two.

Part Two


  1. I like the way you are using the rules and your dice rolls to get a more creative story. I'm learning to interpret better in this way myself. Practice really improves things.

    1. I am finding the same thing in Talamir Tales. It is almost disconcerting, at first, having so much freedom to write your own story.

    2. Yeah but what gets me is when I try and steer the Story, unexpected stuff tends to happen.

  2. Good story development here. Bree will get to roll her rep dice AFTER the episode ends, correct?

    1. After the 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th Encounters she can roll for those accumulated during those Encounters, as this represents a small number of days and not one month per Encounter. Page 25 of the Big I.

    2. OK, that sounds good. This game is looking very "buyable"

    3. The upside is all future ATZ - Evo scenario books will follow the same pattern - different Story.

  3. What does this refer to : ‘use the rules as they were intended to be used but often not used’

    1. Many gamers will use THW games for stand up fights and that's about it. Which is fine as they can play the game as they wish and the combat system is pretty realistic. What I am referring to is many don't use them to build the Story and tie in games together instead of one off. The Challenge rule rule allows you to do anything you want, jump off a roof, disarm an enemy, but it's almost never used. Just my observations over fifteen years and talking to lots of gamers at conventions and online. THW is kind of like a toolbox and you may not need a rule, but it's there if you do.