Thursday 21 June 2018

Talomir Tales Bat Rep #1 - the Trouble with Casters and Archers

 Haldor slammed down his third tankard of ale at Edd's Pub and continued his story.
So after I hire this archer and Caster, nice looking lady, but I should have asked for references. Anyway we're walking along the forest and bam! We run into around 7 Gobbos. I'm thinking, heck, bring it on pinheads.
 Well they must have been waiting for us becasue they were on the attack quicker than, well you know.

 Anyway, being typical Gobbo archers they shoot but they ain't hitting nothing. So here they come! Archer, that's him over on the other side of the bar, fires and misses. Not even close. And the Caster? She can't even fire off a crappy spell - "I'm not active", she says, whatever.

 We get into melee and  the archer decides to run away and the Caster... she goes Out of the Fight. Couldn't even beat a Gobbo. A Gobbo! Hey darling, about another round of ale for me and my 
buddies here.

 Anyway Pink, lucky for me my buddy Daloff, my Dwarven friend here, sticks around and we mix it up. 

 Sorry, Pink - Daloff. Daloff - Pink. Anyway he sticks around and we kick some Gobbo butt.

After a minute the two Gobbo archers run away, guess it must be part of an archer's job description.  Anyway, the Caster recovers and says she ain't interested in doing this any more and splits. Same with that dang archer, over there a the end of the bar. Yeah I know I said it before. I should go over there and...

Part 2

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