Thursday 21 June 2018

3rd Bat Rep - Talomir Tales - Caster with References.

 That's right Daloff. I went down into the Ghoul Dungeon out near the ford. I thought it was a legend, but Pink said he knew it was true. Look at this pouch of jewels! You should have went with us. Pink had a Knight come with him and this Caster. I know, I know, I know. If Pink says she's good, she's good. But I'm telling you she was great!

 We ran into six Ghouls and before you could blink she had fired off 4 bolts and boom. Smoldering Ghouls. Guess it's that active thing they talk about.

 The Knight, Harold; Arnold, whatever his name, him and I charge and  that's it. Last two Ghouls are dead.  Well this time dead, dead.

 Then I turn around and Pink's tapping the wall with a dagger and...

It's a goldurn secret treasure room. Loaded with stuff and two Ghouls. Wham, bam! They're toast and we're up to our hips in gold, jewels, all kinds of stuff. Anyway, we lug out what we can, Billy says I can help myself anytime I want. And the Caster! What can I say. What? Billy and her took off . Something about catching a ship to Eskelin. I know,; Eskelin...


  1. Can be played with minis or counters or even on paper. Can use the traditional 3x3 table or using Battle Boards. heck, you can even consider each section of the 3x3 table as a battle board.

  2. "heck, you can even consider each section of the 3x3 table as a battle board."
    That's an interesting idea. How exactly would that work?

    1. Decide what each section of the table looks like.
      Move into the section and place the enemy in cover.
      You're moving, not in cover.
      Roll for action.
      If they fire first, you're in the open, if you fire first you fire and move into cover - there's always cover or you can go prone, whatever it takes to make you harder to hit.
      After the first round of gunfire everyone is in cover. Why waste time moving them when they would be doing it naturally. First reaction, get fired at , seek cover.