Wednesday 21 February 2018

95th - The Napoleonic Wars - This time it's Personal.

Following up on the last post. 95th covers small fights in large actions. In the following picture, here's my 95th Rifles Star and four Grunts.
 In reality there's more combatants in the units, all fighting their own battles, as the next picture shows.
 And here's the "big picture" of the units made up of hundreds of individuals fighting their own fight. How my guys do, reflects how the whole unit does. So, if for example, I lose and retreat off the table - that means my whole unit retreated.  

95th keeps the overall feel of larger battles, but abstracts it down to a personal level.

And then there's those small fights, made famous by Sharpe's Rifles. Watch for one in the next day or two.

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