Saturday 6 January 2018

Into the Tunnels - Preview AAR - More ways to play

 Into the Tunnels is the first of three Kickstarters with Acheson Creations. We'll be doing the rules and they'll be doing the 15mm minis and resin terrain sections. Here's a sample of the game. I start with two Star Army Squads.

 Into the tunnels. Each tile section is 4" wide and can be used with 15mm or 28mm figures. Tiles are 3 to 4" deep depending upon the type.
 When it's time to move into the next section you roll on the Tunnel Table and it tells you what tile to lay down next. There are 9 different tiles. If you roll a tile that you don't have, there's a second and third column telling you what to replace it with. 
Enter a new section, roll for Bugs!

 WTF?! Included in the rules are color card stock counters and a 24 card color deck of tiles. You can play with minis or with the counters.
When you enter a new tile just draw a card. If you draw a card with a Bug on it, like the one in the picture, you've met Bugs. Just like using the resin tiles, once contact is met roll on the Resolution Table to see how many Bugs you've met.

Bottom line, you can play with minis and resin tiles or with counters and the tunnel deck. Either way, no two tunnels will ever be the same.

More to come.


  1. Really nice overview, I really like the counter/card combo! Will they be available with the pdf version of the rulebook?

  2. I like the potential of this game. What are the interesting decisions that the game confronts players with? I have seen many a dungeon delving game that are simply: move to the next segment, put out monsters, roll a bunch of dice, kill monsters, rinse and repeat.

    1. In 5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels you have distinctive goals as in find the Brain Bug, rescue soldiers, and more. Like any dungeon game you roll for the next tile and enter it, but whether something is there or not depends upon the Bug Activity Level (higher Campaign Morale means bigger chance of Bugs).

      Where things are a bit different is that you track your Campaign Morale and the Bug Campaign Morale. If you fail in a Mission it could go down, if you succeed, the Bug Morale could go down. Reach "0" and the side that does loses.

      Tunnels are a big part of the game, but the Campaign there are 6 different above ground Missions and 4 underground ones that all tie in together.