Tuesday 23 January 2018

5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels AAR Part Two

Part One
Here's the same fight. 

 But this time the Bugs scored the Advantage - score of 4, 5 or 6 on the Action Table when contact occurs.
 Both sides roll on the Action Table and both pass 2d6, but this time the Bugs get to act first and they charge.
 Here's how they match up against the Squad. Only after all targets have been charged or targeted if shooting, can you double up on a target. In this case I rolled randomly to see who they were - the 3rd and 6th Squadie.

 The Squad opens fire and as the Bugs are charging, the fire isn't as effective - pass 1d6 when shooting and you miss chargers and the 2nd or 3rd targets.

 The Bugs now move into melee. Melee is resolved and two of the Squadies go down.

As melee ends, the Bugs have finished their actions, so both sides take the Will to Fight Test. The Star Army now takes its turn and opens fire....

I'll end it here as you can see that having the Advantage is important. It doesn't guarantee you'll act first, but it does help.  More to come.  Counters included!

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