Tuesday 23 January 2018

5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels - AAR Part One

With 5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnel  finished and ready for release Friday (directly from our site and as part of a Kickstarter) I though I post a couple of How To AARs before launching a full blown Step-by-Step Campaign. So here goes.

 I resolve a PEF as 8 Bugs. 1st thing to do is roll 1d6 on the Action Table to see who has the Advantage when the two groups met. In this case, it's the Star Army Squad. 

 Next both sides roll 2d6 versus the Rep of the Leader to see who will act first. As both sides pass 2d6, the side with the Advantage acts first.

 The Star Army Squad opens fire with 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 Rapid Fire Laser and 4 Laser Rifles. Each Laser Rifle can target 1 Bug while the Rapid Fire Laser can target 3, the Grenade Launcher up to 5.
 The fire is devastating with 7 of the 8 Bugs being hit. Damage is rolled and its a variety from Obviously Dead, Out of the Fight, and Halt in place.

After one side finishes its actions, both sides take the Will to Fight Test. And the Bugs Leave the Fight.

Now let's play the  same fight with the Bugs gaining the Advantage - Part Two.  

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