Thursday 2 June 2016

NUTS FV and NUTS Big Battles - Moving Between Rules



Moving Between Rules

NUTS FV and NUTS Big Battles are very compatible. This allows your character to move from one to the other. Here’s how we do it:
·        Your multiple figures NUTS FV Squad becomes a one stand Squad in NUTS Big Battles.
·        When your Squad receives fire one of two things will happen:
·        The stand will be removed.
·        The stand will check its morale.
·        If the stand is removed, there is a chance (1) that your character was hit by fire. Roll on the Ranged Combat Damage Table (NUTS FV page 95) versus an Impact of 3.
·        If the stand scores a result of Break, your character counts as scoring a result of Leave the Battle in NUTS FV.

NUTS Big Battles is in heavy play testing - out sometime this summer.


  1. Sounds good - bring it on!

  2. Well this looks intriguing.

    1. Three ways to play NUTS actually.
      Single figure squads of 10-12.
      Two 3-5 figure stands for a squad.
      One 3-5 figure stands for a squad.

  3. So in this version, fire will be resolved against the stand representing a squad or team, rather than 1:1 as in existing Nuts?

    1. Correct. By bodies as well. So if 5 squads fire at 3 squads and a support weapon it's resolved all at once together.

  4. Very interesting. Looking forward to checking it out.