Friday 15 April 2016

What's been Going On at THW

Been awhile since posting. Here's what's going on:

Legends of Araby - Should be out next week. Has some ground-breaking new Interaction with NPCs mechanics. Great for story building. LOA is compatible with WHAA, WHL, and 2HDC.

Future Tales - Stand alone Pulp Sci. Think LTL meets Fringe Space. If lucky, should be out later this month.

World War 1 Aircraft - This is a card game playable with minis. Each players runs 1 or more aircraft.

More to come!


  1. It looks like 2 must buys for me. Love pulp Sci-fi and always looking for ways to add more story & character dynamics to my solo games. I will start budgeting now.

    1. LOA lays down new mechanics for Player/NPC Interaction. It's an updated version of the original released in 2003. This will be the template for all NPC interaction for all scenarios going forward inclining 5150 titles.

  2. Must...have...LOA, also Future Tales!

  3. Yes, 2 must buy! NPCs interaction is fantastic for story telling in THW. I use it in ATZ, 6GS and 5150. Any upgrade can only add more flavour and you can't get sick of it. As for WW1 air combat both the period and Combat type are new to THW so I look forward to it. Ed, please can you post an AAR?