Friday 22 April 2016

Aces Up! WW 1 Aircraft AAR - Step by Step Part 2

In Aces Up! we use Campaign Morale to track how well each side is doing. Both sides start with 5, the best possible Campaign Morale. After each Mission each side rolls 2d6 versus their Morale. Depending upon how many d6 they pass, their Morale can stay the same or go down - it can never go up. 

Fitch rolled after his first Mission and passed 1d6 - Campaign Morale drops to 4 due to the Mission being a failure. The Germans also rolled, but passed 2d6 - Campaign Morale stays the same - 5.

We use three Missions - each needing 3 PEFs to be resolved to be complete. These are not slam dunk Missions as the challenge is  Bonus Dice - representing ammo and fuel - are not replaced during the Mission!

The Missions are Patrol, Attack, and Defend. Which Mission you have depends upon your Campaign Morale and how many d6 you pass on the Mission Types Table.

How many Missions can you go on? That's totally up to you as we don't track time in the traditional way.  Here's Fitch's second Mission - another Patrol

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  1. This shows a lot of promise. I am a big WWI aerial combat buff and so I am a pretty stoked that you are making this game!