Wednesday 20 April 2016

Aces Up! - World War I Fighter Combat Bat Bep

Aces Up is a card based minis game for World War I fighter game. As the rules say...

If you like:
·        Plotting how you’re going to move every turn.
·        Measuring and moving your minis.
·        Using templates to manage turns.
·        Reading lots of tables.

Then this is NOT for you. J

More coming soon!


  1. I've got the Royal Guardsmen singing in my ears...

  2. This looks great Ed. Will there be a deck of chance cards for events like there is in Fringe Space?

  3. It's a 54 card deck to start with 10 planes, 24 Rep and Damage Cards, 9 Attributes, and 11 event cards with 4 being no event. I'll do a AAR showing how they are used.

  4. This sounds really neat. Is it playable solitaire?

    1. Definitely. ALL THW games are playable solo and also same side with everyone on the same side. We play tested this last weekend with 3 players versus the game mechanics.