Thursday 11 February 2016

Bank Robbery! Step by Step AAR for the New Six Gun Sound

Six Gun Sound has been updated and here's an AAR. Let's just say it didn't turn out quite like I expected. I've added some rules info under each picture.
I decided to play an Outlaw. As a Star this meant he was Rep 5. I rolled up the Quick Reflexes Attribute and chose Crack Shot. As a Gunman Class member he also had Marksman. 

I decide to make my gang only 3 members big, less people to split the loot with. I rolled for their Rep and they were both Rep 4. Gunmen gave them the Marksman Attribute. Unfortunately rolling for one Attribute each gave one Coward and the other Slow. 

My first Encounter was to rob a Bank.
There's over 20 areas on the Campaign Map that you can adventure through. I chose Santa Fe which has an average Settlement Level. This meant not a lot of people in the towns while still possible to get a decent amount of loot. We rode into town and I placed the horses in front of the Bank.

Next I placed the Citizens on the table. The number of Citizens is Settlement Level (3) times the number of Outlaws (3). So I rolled 9d6 and the result determined the section of the table they would start on.
 After the Outlaws enter the Bank there's two things to find out. The 1st thing to find out is unforeseen circumstances. This can be anything from a crazy Bank Employee to problem with where the horses can be hitched. There's only a 33% chance of something going wrong. I rolled 1d6 and something did; 2 Rangers recognized us as we went into the bank!

The 2nd thing is the Vault situation. I lucked out and rolled well. The Vault was open and there was 6d6 Increasing Rep d6 in loot for the taking. Each figure took 2d6 worth. 


Once we went outside I rolled for the Rangers. Holy crap! One was a Rep 6 the other a Rep 4 and both were Gunmen - so they had Marksman as an Attribute. They could fire one shot and roll twice, counting the best result. Or they could fire twice with their pistols.
They opened fire and one of my Outlaws was hit and went Out of the Fight. 
The shooting alerted the Citizens. A couple had weapons and also opened fire, the rest ran into buildings to get guns! I fired back and took out a Citizen, but as my other Outlaw had failed his Reaction and Ducked Back into the building I followed him inside.

 Once inside I decided we'd make a run for it. Lucky for us the Citizens failed to activate but the Ranger did. He waited as we had to come out eventually or be surrounded. Being outnumbered 5 to 1 didn't look so good so we  ran for the horses. The Rangers cut down the last gang member, but I made it to the horses.

Mounting up is simple. Roll 2d6 versus Rep. Pass 2d6 and you mount up and can move off the table when next active. Pass 0d6 and you can't get on the horse but can try again when next active. I passed 1d6. I mounted up but had to spend the next turn of Activation in place trying to control the horse! 

I got hit twice including an Obviously Dead but Star Powered my way through it. 

Finally I exited the table being shot at all the way out. The good news is I passed 2d6 on the Posse Table so made good my escape.

Well that was fun (!?). Worked well mechanically and was interesting in that, as usual,  I didn't know exactly what was coming. I can see if I played it again it would play differently as there was only a 6% chance of running into the two Rangers and a Rep 6 one at that.


  1. Where did you get the floor plans for your town? Also I hope the leader had hold of the loot.

    1. Here they are for free. Not the greatest artwork but they work!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! Is there a guide as to what types of buildings each of these represent, or is it up to us? Is there a 2nd story floor plan for the one with stairs or do we just repeat the 1st story floor plan? As usual I'm a bit slow because it took me a while to realize that HO was really OH for outhouse! :)


  3. You can make them whatever you like. Take a look at Devil's elbow on pages 55 & 56 for ideas. The PDF linked here has the second floor. It's the white sheet. Where you see the HO it's usually lined up with the way the building faces - the text on the building should be facing the street with the dark brown portions wooden planks to walk on.
    If you don't have the white page just download it again as it's there for sure.

  4. Thanks Ed! Got it this time. :)


  5. One of my favorite games! Just got it and the floor plans. I like the changes, especially glad that Flinch is buried in the chicken out table and not a separate activity. I could never wrap my head around that.