Sunday 21 February 2016

Six Gun Sound - Range War Part 1

Bank Robbery AAR

In our last Six Gun Sound AAR we had three Outlaws taking on two Rangers and about a half dozen Citizens. That was a pretty big game and took a bit of time to play. In this AAR we see three characters having a difference of opinion.
There's trouble in the New Mexico Territory. Seems like the Cattle Baron Amos Johnson has a new rival for grazing lands. Harry Franklin showed up a few months back, bought a small place, and has a nice little herd of cattle himself. Harry's been hiring on cowboys, even to go as far as bringing them in from out-of state.

Mr. Johnson is what we call proactive. He feels it's better to get the first blow in when there's a Range War. 

On the Trail, two of the new Franklin cowboys have run into one of Mr. Johnson's boys - a Gunslinger named EJ Barnes.

The game was a Draw Encounter. I played it from the Gunslinger's point of view, resolved a PEF and it was 2 cowboys. The Draw is set up like a Confrontation. Being a Gunslinger meant this was going t5o be resolved with deadly force - hence the Draw.

Once that was determined it was time to set it up. I used my 12x12 inch board and set the figures up 6" apart and in LOS. I considered the terrain to be cover although the path between the figures is clear for the 1str round of shooting.

The Draw can be quick or prolonged. Each figure starts with 1d6 per point of Rep and modifies it by what is on the Draw Table. Dice are rolled and we look for successes - a score of 1, 2 or 3. There were 2 cowboys but the Gunslinger had a couple of advantages.  

As a Gunslinger he would count a success on a 1, 2, 3, or 4.  
Also his Class Attribute was Marksman.  When firing one shot from each pistol (he packed 2) he could roll 2d6 and count the best result.

Dice were rolled, the Gunslinger scored more successes and would fire first. He targets each cowboy with one pistol and rolls 2d6 each. Two hits, one on each cowboy are scored. Rolling versus each cowboy's Rep for damage he scored a "6", Obviously Dead, and a "4", equal to Rep so Out of the Fight - in this case, just as good. Four sets of dice were rolled - game over. Facing a Gunslinger head on is bad news. Here's to Bushwhacking!

Look for a Range War supplement in the next couple of months.


  1. Dirty, lowdown, shiftless skunk got the drop on the boys... Will be watching foe this. Thanks Ric

  2. I'm really pleased to hear you're going to be supporting this game with new supplements.

  3. Bought this on impulse. Yep, its real good. From a solo perspective the rules are improving with every release. 'Range War' is an instant buy :-)

  4. This is so good. Really thinking about buying this. More Aar's please ;)