Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Alien Fight Night AAR - Whack Job and Pretty Boy

Sometimes when you play Two Hour Wargames things don't go as you expect them to. Alien Fight Night, a game within a game for 5150 New Beginnings, is just one such game. I chose two fighters from the pre-generated tables and it was a mismatch on paper. But sometimes you have to go back and write the story after it plays out. Take a look...

Click the pictures to see larger versions making it easier to read.


  1. Nice! Any plans for Alien Boxer figures? (Plus Refs of course)?

    Do the rules includes 'Tag Team Fighting'?

  2. Great stuff! May have to look into this one pretty soon :)

  3. No tag team fighting but wouldn't be that hard to figure it our. Yes, would like to do alien boxers to match the cards that come with it plus a referee and ring girl. I'll post some artwork today.


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