Wednesday 22 May 2013

Step by Step "And a Bottle of Rum" Part 3

Minis by Rebel Minis and painted by David McBride of Splintered Light Miniatures

The next day after the robbery attempt Billy goes back to the shipyards and buys the 500 Gold Piece 4th Rate Merchant. He also spends an additional 40 Gold Pieces to add 2 more guns. This gives him 5 guns total but reduces his cargo capacity by 10% to 45 crates. This leaves Billy with 80 Gold Pieces. 

He names his ship Billy’s Revenge.

To keep it simple when you buy a ship you get the minimum crew needed to operate it, 10 in this case. Billy needs three Specialists so sets three aside. Billy can now roll for the Reps of the 7 crew members and pay them 1 Gold Piece each.  

Next he rolls for the three Specialists, a Chief Gunner, Pilot and Cook. Each also gets paid 5 Gold Pieces.  Note that the Captain can act as the Pilot but a one point of Rep lower than his actual Rep.   But when doing so cannot do anything else.

Billy now has 58 Gold Pieces left.

After recruiting and adding his original band to his crew Billy has 6 x Rep 5 and 8 x Rep 4 crew.

Billy now has a ship and a crew. He has had one Encounter (Carousing) so the month is ended.

He does not have to take the Personal Loyalty Test, to see what the crew thinks of him, as they are not at sea yet.

One month has passed, it is now February 1600. Time to go to sea.

Part 4.

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