Tuesday 21 May 2013

Step by Step - "And a Bottle of Rum" - Part Two

Once outside Billy is set upon by four thugs intent on robbery. This is a result of the Carousing Encounter (see Part One).

Rolling up for how many robbers results in four, 2 x Rep 4 and 2 x Rep 3. Lucky for Billy when testing to see if there was a robbery, Billy passed 1d6 - allowing him to be suspicious and making the robbers count as active. This meant they would count a -1d6 when taking the In Sight to see who would act first.

Having escaped Billy heads back to the inn and settles in for the night. Tomorrow would be the shipyards.


  1. You will always remember the day you almost robbed Captain Billy Pink! Darn you and you awesome rule sets. Now I have to buy one more and rule set and finish painting my pirates and their ships. Thanks for keeping gaming fun.