Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dueling Banjos - The Finale!

Long overdue we bring you the finale to our story.

I loaded the PEFs for the game - Possible Enemy Forces. Darla also had a mission, she needed to reach a spot on the table away from the house to retrieve some items. The PEFs ended up splitting to opposite sides of the table with the larger party confronting Betty and Momma. Rolling the death dice for activation (Humans 6 Zombies 3) let the zeds move twice in a row.  Meleeing zeds in Final Fade Out is dicey and being unarmed made it worse for the girls.

The zeds didn't get a chance to feast on Momma with Jimmy arriving in time. Betty wasn't so lucky and I figured Jimmy wasn't about to leave Momma so I took the chance of taking her with. 
Unfortunately she rolled badly on the Harry Are You Okay roll and turned. To add injury to insult she activated first. Not quite like I had figured things to happen. But then again that's no surprise.


  1. Very enjoyable and with an ending so in keeping with the genre.