Monday, 25 April 2022

5150 New Beginnings Quick Play Bat Rep

 Billy Pink meets a Razor and Muggie Zhuh-Zhuh in the Lower Gaea district of New Hope City. Both are members of the Criminal Element.

I roll to see if they’ve met before. They have. Billy and the Razor have “Bad blood”.
They Interact and pass the same d6. But as the Razor and Billy have “bad blood” they go to a gunfight.

Razor wins on the Action. Mind blast hits, scores Out of the Fight. Muggie Zhuh-Zhuh hits. Billy is Obviously Dead!

Star Power. Needed to roll all 5d6 to get Billy from OD, to OOF, to Duck Back. Lose 2d6 Star Power.

All are now in Cover.

Both pass Will to Fight.

Billy Activates and Recovers from Duck Back.

Both pass Will to Fight Test.

Back to the Action Table.

Billy wins and fires first, misses Razor and she will Return Fire.
Billy hits Muggie Zhuh-Zhuh. Obviously Dead!

Razor fires and misses, Billy Returns Fire.

Hit, Razor goes Obviously Dead.

Holly Toledo! Didn’t see this coming at all. Got to love the Story generating mechanics.


  1. This looks really compelling - is it built around a card deck?

  2. Yes. It doesn't replace New Beginnings, is a standalone game, and your characters can bounce back and forth between rules. It's for when you want to play but don't have time to set up table, minis, etc.