Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Bat Rep - Adventures with Captain Nemo - Conclusion

Part One

It's now the Deep Ones turn to act. The Leader recovers and the three warriors charge. The Nautilus Crew fires!

Two go down but to enter melee.  One crew member goes Out of the Fight and the other Obviously Dead!

Both sides take the Will ti Fight Test and both pass, but one Deep One leaves the field. It is now the Nautilus crew's turn to act and they do, firing at the remaining Deep Ones.

Down go the remaining Deep Ones, ending the fight.  I roll to see if the Out of the Fight fellow survived and pass 1d6 - he recovers.  After burying the dead crew member, Dario continues and the crew continue on.

Watch for more Adventures with Captain Nemo and it's release in the coming days.

Nemo and the Sea Monster!

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  1. I'm waiting for the release of Captain Nemo with anticipation... take my cash!


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