Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I Love LA - An AAR for Action! The scenario book for Larger Than Life - Director's Cut.

Action our first scenario book for Large Than Life - Director's Cut, contains 3 full adventures. Each is complete with new Stars, Co-Stars, Big Bads, Femme Fatales, and more. Let's introduce you to one of the Stars of Action.

Cast -
The Gray Raven - Rep 5 Star - Vigilante.
Bank Robber #1 -Rep 3 - Extra - Thief.
Bank Robber #2 - Rep 4 Extra - Thief.
Frankie - Rep 3 Extra - Thief.
Beat Cop - Rep 4 Extra - Police Officer.

Wardrobe - Courtesy of Splintered Light Miniatures.
Music - Randy Newman. I Love LA
Catering - Lil.

A look behind the scenes:
A 2 x 2 foot table was used. Action provides some simple table top mechanics taken from Chain Reaction for the close up action when you want to go right to the action, instead of traveling the board and interacting with PEFs.

The actual robbery inside the bank was done with a Talk the Talk test that the criminal failed badly - resulting in gunfire.

The Raven had been tipped off by his wannabe Love Interest Robin Duncan (also in Action). When Raven activated I wanted him to cut off the getaway car - used a Physical Challenge and passed. As you may know, I needed to set up the success and failure before the Challenge was taken. If Raven would have failed,  he would have crashed into the getaway car with all passengers in both vehicles counting as triggering a Danger Factor 3 Trap (LTL-DV page 58). I use Traps to resolve one-off  chances of damage outside of shooting and melee combat.

Once the car was stopped Activation was rolled and Raven and the criminals went to a one-sided gunfight. Rep 5 has it's advantages.
Once the criminals went Out of the Fight there was nothing left to do but wait for the police to show up.  

Watch for the next AAR featuring the Gray Raven.


  1. Ed, will the Action! scenario book be making a come-back? I noticed it's no longer available.

  2. Sold off to Rebel Minis along with LTL as he has a nice set of Pulp Minis.


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