Monday 20 April 2015

ATZ Reloaded- Now or never! Ships next month - save $$ and pre-order.

As you've heard, ATZ Reloaded is the miniatures version in board game form. LnL is currently taking pre-orders at a $10 savings. I just received this from David, the new LnL owner, and posted to the forum.

These are the game titles below should start to ship this week.

Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer Rommel At Galaza Heroes of the Colosseum Totensonntag 2nd Edition

Then to be followed in about a month or less Heroes of the Pacific (We also added an extra map) All Things Zombie Reloaded Tank On Tank West Front Tank On Tank East Front All Things Zombie Fade to Black 

The delay was in counters and now they are being produced in Denver, down the street from the home office. I've seen and have a set, these are great counters.  So if you want to save the $$, don't hesitate. BTW - The game is true to the minis game.

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