Thursday 5 February 2015

Morale Napoleon - Corp and Army Scale AAR -

Started working on Morale Napoleon and here's an AAR. Morale Napoleon puts you in the role of the Commander in Chief of the whole force. You're concerned with deploying the force and ordering  large formations about. You are not concerned with tactics on the battalion or regimental level.

We assume that the unit commanders will make the best tactical decisions for their units.

So in this AAR I have two brigades of six battalions each - a small Division. My orders are to attack, so I deploy them in column and send them off, along with attached artillery, and two units of cavalry. They proceed into contact and at this point the unit commanders are in charge (dice rolled).

Take a look!

 One nifty game mechanic that reflects the lack of control at the Army Commander level is using dice for movement. You roll 2d6 and depending upon the direction you are moving and what unit type is moving, you either add the scores, use the higher result, or the lower result. This gives you a degree of uncertainty that the actual Corp/Army commander experienced.

Fun to play and many opportunities to tweak the rules to better reflect different situations. Looking forward to my next game.


  1. I'd definitely want this for other periods..ACW/AWI...etc...sadly my Napoleonic minis are decades away from seeing any!

  2. Judging from your AAR, my collection is based "properly" for this game. :D It's something like RRtK for Napoleonic period? Looking forward to it.

    1. The sweet thing is it will work with any basing you already have.

  3. Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing the finished rules.

  4. When a unit rolls a certain distance to go forward is it obligated to go that distance or can it stop short to keep in line with the other units? Doug N.

  5. That's the maximum and can go shorter distances.