Monday, 9 February 2015

Dungeon Worlds 28mm Terrain and Minis - Kickstarter on Thursday

This is a great project and I'm in. Here's more info.

Since 2000, Acheson Creations has become a household name in high quality and inexpensive tabletop terrain with currently over 1000 pieces in production. All our terrain is produced in house so that there is production and quality control. With our Dungeon Worlds project, we hope to delve into new and fantastic frontiers and with your support we will be able to bring our creations into mass production for the gaming community.

Dungeon Worlds Part 1... means just that... there is more to come and I have nearly the first 25 masters completed for Part 2! These terrain tiles have been meticulously hand crafted and will be cast in an extremely durable urethane plastic and can be used with floor tiles from other leading brands. What makes our Dungeon Worlds different is our affordable pricing and large variety of designs.

Please come and have a look at some of our more unique designs like the Waterfall Gate, the Dragon Gate, the Sacrificial Fire Pit and Grimrokk the Rokk Beast to name just a few. Support us and there is much more to come!

Acheson Creations: Dungeon Worlds, Part 1 launches exclusively on Kickstarter on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 9:00am EST. #DungeonWorlds is coming!


  1. Cool stuff!! Are you considering 28mm only?

    1. I heard Highlander Studios may be doing tiles for 15mm.

  2. Sadly, I'm too invested in HirstArts for this, but oh, how I wish the scenic items molded on the tiles were available separately...

  3. Som eof the items will be. not sure which ones but know it will happen.