Saturday 1 November 2014

2 Hour Dungeon Crawl - Step by Step AAR - Feral Vampires - Finale

Part 2

After the fight with the Ogre it took a while but the Warrior carried  both of the wounded out of the dungeon. Then I went back to the After the Fight Recovery Test and re-read the section.

I was supposed to check after each battle, not at the end of the adventure! Well too late now, I rolled for them and they were  both fine.

Time to split the loot.
Warrior had 6 Bronze Coins from winning melees.
Thief had 1.
Soldier none.
3 Bronze Coins had been found and was divided between the 3 characters.

Next I roll to see what the Magical items are.

1 Potion - Eagerness
1 Potion - Strength
1 Potion - Healing
1 Iron Cloak
1 Dancing Sword
1 Armor of Protection

The Treasure was divided as follows:
Warrior goes first and after that the NPCs choose in an order laid out in section 43.0 Afterwards.

Warrior - Sword, Healing Potion
Thief - Iron Cloak, Eagerness Potion
Soldier - Armor, Strength Potion

Only the Warrior had a successful adventure and rolling for Improving Rep, didn't happen.

Both the Thief and Soldier had to roll to Decrease Rep as they went Out of the Fight. Neither dropped.


  1. Another purchase in the near future for me. Glad you are not publishing games faster than you already are; I couldn't keep up. :)

  2. Just found your blog and will be following in the future. Clearly have a bit of a catch up to do first though with all these great posts. Love the batreps :-)