Thursday 13 November 2014

15mm Lost Worlds Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Lost Worlds Kickstarter - Coming soon a complete 15rmm Lost World with Dinos, Mammals, Cavemen, Steampunk and VSF Adventurers and much more.

Plus an expanded, stand-alone Adventures in the Lost Lands!
Here's a preview.

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  1. Mmmm... seems like the comment I just posted didn't "come out" (as we used to say in the old days, when film cameras fogged a frame!) So, try again,,, I, for one, am *very* interested in this; as, here in England, for so many of us living in 'new-build' houses / flats, the room dimensions are the smallest in Europe, so us "28 millers" are beginning to have to look at downsizing to 15mm just to get a decent game on a small table in our tiny living rooms! All the best, Ed! Bring it on! :-)