Monday, 13 October 2014

Press Release - THW working with LnL Publishing

Here are some snapshots of the mock up of the first LnL/THW release - Heroes of the Colosseum.

This is to clarify what had been hinted at. Here are the press releases.

Now here's what's going on in more detail.

LnL has contracted with THW to take all the current games, and future titles, and turn them into board games. They will have maps, counters, etc. as a board game normally would have.
They could also produce them as Print and Play games.
Computer games are also an option.
In addition, they would publish the miniatures rules as well.

This does not change what's happening now. Rules will still be available on the THW site, until they are published by LnL. When that happens they will go through the THW portion of the LnL web. LnL will produce and fulfill the orders.

As there are currently lots of games, this will take a long time. During that time I will still release games as usual.
The new owner of LnL has guaranteed that while they will publish the games they will NOT change the games in any other way. I have final say so on all games.

This will allow for higher production quality and distribution in new markets - board games and computer games.

So as a current THW customer, things will not be changing as all new games will go through THW first. Hope this makes sense.


  1. The rulebook looks amazing and seeing all THW rulesets published in that quality is like a dream made reality.

  2. Great to hear Ed, sounds like mutually beneficial deal

  3. Yep, I'm pretty fortunate. But it will take time to bring them all over.

  4. Nice, but will the rules be available as pdf's?

  5. Yes, PDFs alone or included with printed books.


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