Wednesday 28 December 2011

Chapter Two - Setting the Traps

Chapter Two


The table was mostly wooded with a long wooded hill cutting the table in half. All the PEFs were placed behind the hill in three different sections.
They were moving though a clearing and towards some wooded hills. Just over the hills lay the river and the spot where Blue Shirt wanted to set the traps. As the three of them came into sight of the hills Blue Shirt raised his hand, the signal to stop. On the hill to their front were three Frenchmen heading down the slope. "I see three," Blue Shirt said. "Three what?" asked Joshua who was oblivious to the situation."Three Frenchmen," replied Thomas. "It's a safe bet to think they're not friendly."
Blue Shirt and Thomas ducked into the nearby woods to their right as did the Frenchmen. Joshua stood his ground.
"Get in here!" yelled Blue Shirt. Joshua woke up and ran to join his two partners. Thomas couldn't help but think to himself, "Oh no, not again..."
Like the previous adventure the two groups came into sight out of musket range. After the In Sights were taken all of the participants had ducked for cover, the Frenchmen in the woods on the hill while the hunter/trappers into some nearby woods. And like last time the side that could move first would get the advantage. Non-Player forces are moved by the PEF Movement Table even when they become resolved into figures. After two turns where the hunters couldn’t move and the French didn't the three Frenchmen sprinted toward the woods at a fast move as the hunters didn't activate. Next turn the hunters activated first and moved to the edge of the woods causing an In Sight to be taken all around.
The Frenchmen sprint across the clearing hoping to reach the woods before being seen.

Too late! The hunters reach the edge of the woods and all sides take In Sights. A d6 is placed next to each figure than can act during the In Sight. Blue Shirt, Thomas, and one of the Frenchmen will go first.

The three hunters made their way to the edge of the woods and saw the three Frenchmen as they were still in the clearing. One of the Frenchmen dove for the ground as soon as he saw them. One fired at Blue Shirt and missed. Blue Shirt shot him in the chest. Thomas beat the last Frenchman to the shot and fired, hitting him in the chest as well. Joshua fired at the prone Frenchman and missed. But it was enough as the Frenchman didn’t have the stomach to continue the fight and ran back towards the hill.
"Look!" Blue Shirt said, pointing towards the hill that the Frenchman was running for. "I see three more French." 
The 2nd PEF is resolved, more French!

"And there," Thomas pointed."To the right of them, there go three Indians." As the hunters watched one Frenchman went over to the Indians. They could see him pointing in their direction. 

 And the 3rd PEF proves more trouble.

"Let's go," Blue Shirt said matter of factually.
"We could take them," Joshua said as Blue Shirt and Thomas turned to leave.
"No money in that," Thomas replied. "You want to fight? Go join the army."
After the quick exchange of gunfire the second PEF moved over the hill and into sight. This triggered it being resolved. It came up more enemies, more Frenchmen. Almost on cue the final PEF moved and came over the hill. Neutrals, Indians this time. Because the French were close and in sight they had to resolve the interaction with the Indians. Passing a Challenge Test meant that the Indians, at worse, would not get involved and at best join the French. A 2d6 roll resulted in a pass Challenge. I realized that we weren't here to fight but to trap and hunt. I decided it was time to leave. Did I choose an Investment Level that was too high or was I just unlucky? Mathematically I would say unlucky but all I knew is the one Encounter for the month was wasted.
Thomas didn’t gain any Fame Points as the Encounter was to set the traps, not fight the enemy. So ended March…

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  1. Sounding like yet another great set of rules. Looking forward to getting my copy.