Saturday 19 November 2011

Born in the Bayou - After the Horsemen Bat Rep - Part One

Here's a quick down and dirty Encounter for After the Horsemen, the THW Post-Apoc game coming out early next year.

This is a Deal Encounter between two groups of survivors...kind of.

The Back Story

Lee (Star - Rep 5 - 2xBAP -  Pack - Alpha Male) is the right hand man for Big Louie, one of the Kings of N'Orleans, but has decided to branch out on his own. Having been with Big Louie long enough to see how things worked, Lee recruited three of Louie's group and formed his own gang.
First order of business was to hit a  transporter that was carrying a shipment from Baton Rouge. Lee figured that before Big Louie realized that the had been hit, Lee could move the stuff to one of Louie's regular customers, Poppa D, then split from the area.
Lee snapped up two working Zodiac boats and with his gang headed into the bayou to make the deal.
Here's the info on Lee's new gang.

Jim Bob Joe (Grunt - Rep 4  BA SMG - Pack)
Antonya (Grunt - Rep 4 - SMG - Pack)
Linda Lou (Grunt - Rep 3 - MP - Pack)

Poppa D
Poppa D  (Star - Rep 5 - BAP - Pack - Alpha Male - "Bad Juju")
Monique (Grunt - Rep 4 - Katana (2HMW) + MP - Pack)
Tony (Grunt - Rep 4 - Shotgun - Pack)
Jamaal (Grunt - Rep 4 - Assault Rifle - Pack)

Poppa's Babies (Grunts - Rep 3 - Unarmed - Vicious - Pack)

The Encounter starts with the two Zodiac boats coming up to Poppa D's territory.

Turn One

 The two boats make their way up river with Lee and Antonya in the front boat followed closely by Linda Lou and Jim Bob Joe.

"This place creeps me out," Antonya whispered to Lee (making a Fear Challenge Test for her first time in the bayou).
"Don't worry Sugar," Lee replied as he scanned the river banks. "We're almost there. Just a quick stop and we'll be out of here. It's all good, baby."

Turn Two
"WTF is that!" Antonya said as she raised her weapon as the figure came into view.
Lee reached back and slowly pushed the barrel of her SMG down. Smiling at the strange creature he whispered, "It's one of Poppa D's babies. Just act normal." At least she didn't scream or fire, he thought. Not bad for her first time.

 One of Poppa D's babies comes to the river edge for a closer look.

Turn Three

 The boats reach the landmark signifying Poppa D's turf.

Turn Four

 The group beach the boats and head into the bayou.

Turn Five
 After beaching the boats the small group makes their way inland. After a few minutes they reach a clearing where Poppa D is waiting with two large crates. (Resolved  pre-set PEF).  With him are three other humans, two male and one female, all armed. And seven of his babies, hideous creatures that once may have been human.  

 Poppa D, members of his gang and his "babies".

Turn Six
"Lee, so good to see you again," Poppa D said we a grin. "How's my friend Louie doing these days?"
Lee surveyed the situation looking for anything out of the ordinary, out of place. 
"Fine, fine," He replied. "He sends his regards, Poppa."
Poppa D nodded then asked "He's taking the news of his transporter's misfortune well then?"
"As well as can be expected," Lee replied.
Poppa D spread his arms wide as if to show himself to be unarmed as he noticed Lee's hands inching towards his pistols. "Don't worry, Lee. We can still work a deal. Business is business, no?"
 "Yes," he replied," Nothing personal, just business."
(Poppa D and Lee resolved a People Challenge, the deal was concluded.).
 The Deal goes down.
Turn Seven
Tony and Jamaal helped Lee and his gang carry the crates down to the boats.
As Monique watched the party fade into the trees she asked why Poppa D had done the deal with Lee and would it cause "hard feelings with Big Louie". Poppa D laughed and smiled. Motioning for Monique to come close he caressed her cheek and said, "So naive, like an angel."
Turning to his babies he nodded and smiled.
"Feast my children." As the creatures moved off into the woods Poppa D and his angel headed deeper into the woods.


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  3. Very cool set up and the idea for the game is cool not one i would of thought of

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