Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just released - Charioteer! Chariot Racing in Anceint Rome

 Follow the link for more info!


  1. How did you do that? Having to use up some vacation time at work before the end of next month, I got to work a bit early and then left early, didn't check my mail until this evening. And what do I find? That you've already put out Charioteer in the one day I didn't check my mail. (whereupon I just bought it).

  2. There's always three to five rules sets in development on my computer at any given time and in different stages.
    When I get stuck on one I shift gears and Charioteer was up next.

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  4. Let's try this again.

    Ed, due to all your efforts, and the general good you do for the gaming community, I nominated you, and everyone that helps you, for a "Stylish Blogger" Award.