Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Greetings All,

I will be holding demo games of the NUTS! War Without End rules at the upcoming KublaCon game con this weekend on May 28 in San Francisco. If you're attending, come by and push some combat walkers and power armor about on the game table!

Game system
NUTS! War Without End
Start time: SAT, 10:00 AM
Category: HIST
Duration: 6 Hours
Event ID: 36231
Location: Regency Foyer
# of Players:6
GM / Judge: John Cunningham

It is July, 1944 and Allied units struggling to break out of the bocage country near the French village of Hauts Vents run headlong into a counterattack by PanzerGrenadiers and PanzerMechs units of the PanzerLehr division. Allied know-how clashes with Axis superscience!


Duration and players are a bit flexible, we will likely get multiple games in during the scheduled time slot. Have a great weekend, and hope to see you there.


  1. As a UK gamer I'll miss this, but look forward to some photos and war stories

  2. I'll make a BATREP after the game is over. Btw, if anyone is coming (early) and wants to bring their own painted weird war miniatures into the game, we can probably translate them into NUTS! War Without End on the spot no matter where they came from originally.

  3. Sounds cool too bad I am stuck in Georgia... if anyones out this way look me up and we can run through a few playtest games.

  4. How'd it go?

    Any pics?

    Looking forward to the report!

  5. I always enjoy games than involve shooting Nazis. The only way it is better is if you have Nazis vs Zombies.