Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"Tommy Run" Part Three - The Employer

This happens an hour after this AAR.

Billy leaves the Casino and it's time to check PEFs again, Each time you leave a building during an encounter you restock the PEFs outside to the starting number. It's also a new Day Part so there's five PEFs to resolve. I use the optional PEF resolution and have a couple of nothings, a couple of Exchange pleasantries and potential problem. Police.

When you meet a NPC, if they are the same Profession as someone you've met before, roll 1d6 to see if you have met them in the past. If you score a '1" you have. Billy rolls a "1" and he has. two cops actually. Rolling at random he gets lucky and scores Kay Dee and not Calzak. For more info on how each knows Billy take a look.  


Billy makes his way to his seat and the fight begins. His perspective Employer sits down next to him and the interview begins.

Billy left the fight, took City Transit back to his Condo in the Financial District. Nothing to do not but wait.

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