Sunday 6 June 2021

Warrior Heroes Adventures Bat Rep to Deck or Not to Deck

Here's a Bat Rep for Dungeon Crawling in Adventures one of fourteen different Encounters. You can do a Dungeon Crawl with a regular deck of cards. Here's how we do it:

Choose or roll for the Big Bad - who owns the Dungeon.

Roll for the Encounter Rating (ER) of the Dungeon - chance of running into something. Draw twice as many cards as the ER. In this case I draw six and draw the first. It's the entrance and is a red 3 - I look it up and it's nothing. I draw a black 6, I roll dice and look it up and it's a PEF resolved as two skeletons.

I beat then and draw another card. Red Face card. I look it up and it's a stairwell going down. When you go down you draw more cards roll dice and look it up. Now let's try something different.


I get the Dungeon Deck. This has all the info on it PLUS when new dungoen adventures come out you can add the extra cards and no need to buy a whole new deck. So you get 18 new cards - Big Bad, Minions and Lowlifes thatgwork wiht the existing deck for a few bucks.

I draw six cards. Flip the entrance and it says Nothing on the card. Flip the next and it says Randomn Event - tyurns out to be a stairwell going down so I place it and draw six mnore cards. Keep going and draw a Lowlifes Card - No looking it up as it says it on the card. The deck makes it so much faster to play.

Warrior Heroes will release later tonight! PDFs instant download, print will be a little later than usual, but they also include PDF.

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