Wednesday 20 May 2020

5150 - Space Marine Meets Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

 Billy and the Crew are on the L.A. Woman with Kireu the Xeog Attorney as a passenger. As you can see the Crew is pretty spread out. I'm using the upcoming spaceship tiles and Boarding rules inspired by 5150 Star Marine. Nice and easy to use.
Each tile represents an area of the ship and is a Battle Board if needed. The actual ship is about 3 feet by 2 feet. The Crew were dropped randomly.

A 3 person Xeog Strike Team transfers onto the L A  Woman and drops into section 2 - an unoccupied section of the ship and next to the bridge!

 Activation is rolled and the Xeog move first. The Crew scores a 6 - higher than the Xeog, but higher than everyone's Rep. None of them can move! The Xeogs burst into the bridge, all armed with A-3 automatics. Sooze has a B-2 and Kireu is unarmed. On to the Action Table.

 Sooze wins and acts first. She snaps off two shot, takes out one of the Xeogs and the other Ducks Back into section 2. Sooze?! Who'd have guessed that? Kireu charges, the Xeog fires and misses and the Rep 5 Attorney makes short work of the Rep 4 Xeog. The Ducking Back Xeog passes the Will to Fight, she wants to continue the fight!

Roll for Activation and Sooze and Kireu act first and bust into section 2. Action Table rolled, Sooze goes first and bam, bam! Two holes in the Xeog's head - Obviously Dead.

Billy and the rest of the Crew show up.

Four minutes later Kireu had the answer.

"Mr. Bad Example."