Sunday, 1 March 2020

After the Horsemen - Coming This Week.

After the Horsemen 2nd Edition comes out this week. The original was produced in 2012 and it's time for an update. It's set in the Post-Apocalyptic future. ATH can be played with miniatures or counters (we've included 20+ color counters) on the tabletop or on the Battle Board (we've included 3 of them). In the following couple of Bat Reps we'll be doing both.


You start After the Horsemen alone. There are 8 Encounters in the book and we have 10 of them linked together into a mini-Campaign where each adventure ties into the next. It's set in Lake Havasu City AZ after the Apocalypse. I start with a Voluntary Encounter as there wasn't an Involuntary one. More on that later. 

Our hero Billy Pink enters the edge of town and decides to visit a Bar for some Chillin'. It's the best way to recruit others to your band plus gamble, find companionship and even a job.  Billy enters the bar and there are three PEFs to be resolved - the colored markers. PEFs cna be something or nothing so you never know what you'll run into. 

Billy resolves the 1st PEF as 4 Sheep. People that are just trying to survive and making the best out of their situation. Sheep are usually timid and unarmed. Billy Interacts with them - has a conversation - and they give him a favorable response but don't have a job to offer. Unfortunately none of them are worth recruiting. Billy gains 1 Increasing Rep d6 for them having a positive response.  These d6 can be used to buy things as well as increase your Rep if you're lucky.

Billy goes to the next PEF and it's more Sheep. He Interacts with them, no response either way and they really aren't recruiting material. 

Billy hits up the last PEF in the upper right hand corner and meets 3 Pack Wolves. These are people that want everything and aren't afraid to take it from others. Each is well armed and have good Reps of 4 and 5. 

Billy gets a positive Interaction with the Pack Wolf Leader so now Further Interacts with Sooze, a Rep 4  Pack Wolf. She's good with it and Billy recruits her. This will cost Billy 1 Decreasing Rep d6 at the start of each month that Sooze is in the band. This ends the first Encounter.
The edge of Havasu isn't very populated so the Encounter Rating is a 1 - not very good for finding a job.  I decide to move south towards the Downtown Area where it's more populated and has a better chance of a job. But first I have to see if Billy and Sooze will have an Involuntary Encounter - one that is forced on the Characters.

They do. Watch for Part Two.

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